People ask me what I do to care for my skin in my 50s. The biggest factor is that I’ve always looked younger than my age…that is pure genetics. My mom has very few wrinkles on her face in her mid-70s so I was dealt a good hand there.  ( I have terrible vision and am 5’1 3’4″ so the genetics there could be better, haha. We take what we’re given).

I am also pretty fair and had a melanoma scare in my mid-20s. Those two things mean I’ve always worn sunscreen. And, I”m allergic to cigarette smoke so I’ve never picked up that habit.

Other things I think really help are good nutrition(I drink tons of water and eat lots of fruits and veggies, many of them in their raw state) and plenty of sleep. I’m not always great about the sleep but I’m trying to make sure that happens.

Now for the part I get asked about a lot:  products I use. I have found that expensive doesn’t always work and what my skin needs changes with age. I’ve got sensitive skin that’s prone to a bit of redness so I’ve figured out a few things that are simple, inexpensive, and just work for me. I’ll share a few products I’m loving lately.
Neutrogena Ultra Gentle Hydrating Cleanser


This is super gentle, removes makeup and dirt well, and is not a bit harsh or drying on my face. I love that it’s not expensive and that it has a pump so I can get just the right amount I need. It’s also fragrance-free.   Neutrogena Hydrating Cleanser


Garnier SkinActive Micellar Cleansing Water


I love this product. I use it in place of a toner and it removes all extra traces of makeup and keeps my skin soft and not tight. I will say that I don’t use waterproof formulas, but if you do, they make a micellar water for waterproof makeup.Micellar Cleansing Water


Rosehip Oil


My current moisturizer of choice is Rosehip Oil. I got this bottle from Amazon and really like it. It doesn’t have a smell to it and a few drops go a long way. I have said before that I got this tip from my friend Lisa Pentony of Pilates by Lisa and it has seriously been a game changer. You can use this to make your own tinted moisturizer, it works well under makeup, and helps my skin not get so dry when I use my night cream with retinol. In the winter, if I get really dry, I use pure organic coconut oil. Simple and effective.  Rosehip Oil

Neutrogena Healthy Skin Anti-wrinkle Cream with Retinol


Three nights a week I use this Neutrogena cream with retinol. I like how it helps with fine lines and helps my skin stay smoother. It’s fairly inexpensive as retinol products go and it lasts a long time since you don’t need to use a lot.  Neutrogena Night Cream with Retinol


CeraVe Moisturizing Facial Lotion AM, SPF 30


This is my go-to facial moisturizer with sunscreen. it is fragrance-free, gentle, and has a good amount of SPF sunscreen in it. It blends well and isn’t too dry feeling under makeup(although I often use a bit of rosehip oil on my face before the moisturizer). I really like this product. Cerave Sunscreen

There you have it. Simple and quick and it works for me. Everything I use is fragrance-free and doesn’t bother my sensitive skin.

Share with me any skin care products you’re loving.  Do you enjoy indulging or are you a drugstore maven like me? Let me know your thoughts.

2 thoughts on “Skin Care I’m Loving

  1. Great products! I totally agree, expensive isn’t better. I’ve been loving a You Tube channel by a dermatologist called Dr Dray. She really cuts through the hype! Love CeraVe products, especially the PM Moisturizer. Another favorite is the Neutrogena Oil Free Moisturizer for Sensitive Skin. I’ve also been using tretinoin, bought online from an Indian pharmacy, very inexpensive. Pharmaceutical Retin A in the states is a high priced racket! My favorite sunscreen is the EltaMD tinted mineral sunscreen. That’s my most expensive product.


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