Recently my husband came home in a panic: his iPhone would not turn on. It had 68 percent battery life and even plugging it into a charger didn’t work. Since the phone is only about two years old, he did not want to buy a new one. My daughter took his phone and did a “hard reset” by holding the on/off button and home button together for ten seconds. The phone came on and has been working fine since. 

After a move, you will need a re-set. You can expect to be out of sorts,  lost, and frazzled. Longing for the familiar while excited about the new. I have found there are three things that I have to do each time I experience a transition.

  1. EXPERIENCE  You will have feelings of sadness, regret, nostalgia, or anger-and probably all of the above-about your old home or town. This will be true even if this move is for the happiest of reasons. You need to let yourself be present and feel all the emotions. One thing that helps me is walking through my empty house, room by room, and saying goodbye. I remember events, laughter, good and bad times, and shed a few tears. I let myself cry and laugh as needed after the move, too.  Feelings are powerful so work through them.
  2. EXPLORE  By all means, explore the new town, but my real meaning here is all the possibilities for a new beginning for yourself. Are there new rituals you would like to establish?  A new exercise you want to try(hmm, maybe Pilates)? 😉 New type work, a different hobby(hey, why not blog!), foods, etc? The possibilities are endless. Make a list and get started. Moving creates a perfect opportunity for newness.
  3. ENGAGE  Reach out and meet new people. Try new restaurants or foods, and new experiences. My favorite places to meet people are church, homeschool groups, and fitness centers, but there are many places you can do this. And don’t forget to engage with your friends from former home. With email, cell phones, and social media, keeping in touch is easier than ever. 

I hope my moving series has given you some ideas. Even if you are “moving on” from a job, relationship, etc. these tips can help. One resource I highly recommend is After the Boxes Are Unpacked  by Susan Miller. Though written from a Christian perspective, this is the single best resource I have found on women and moving. It’s still helpful if you don’t subscribe to the Christian religion. 

Let me know if you have any questions, comments, or suggestions. And I would love your feedback on my blog or suggestions for things you  would like to see me write about or feature. 

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