Have you ever lost something you really loved? Were comfortable with? Enjoyed? You search in a frenzy over a period of time but never find your special item. What do you feel? Frustration, anger, grief?

After my oldest son, Wes, was born, I lost my engagement ring. I needed to have it resized and had put it off. It had been my husband’s grandmother’s ring. One day I noticed it was gone. I retraced my steps, used a metal detector I borrowed, took the pipe off my sink…but it had vanished. I was embarrassed, emotional, angry, and sad. I still think about that 21 years later with regret.

Moving is many things, but one big part that goes unrecognized is loss. You are in unfamiliar territory, grieving things that make no sense to you(like knowing how to get to the store, knowing where my stuff is, missing how my old kitchen was laid out, etc), and feeling a bit silly for how emotional you are. But all of that is normal. Above all, moving is an emotional experience. 

I have been a pastor’s wife for 22 years and after moving 10 times, I am facing yet another move as my husband changes careers. Guess what? I still hate moving. But I know that most of us experience it-either our own move or the move of a family member or friend. So I will be sharing four things you can do to help yourself move forward during a move.


Rest is defined as “cessation of work or movement in order to refresh oneself or recover strength”. In the middle of a move, and right after, I have discovered I need more rest than usual. There are many ways you can rest. A few of my favorites are:

  1. Sleep   Go to bed early or at least on time. Create rituals that feel good and encourage rest, like reading, a dark room, etc. Or take a nap if you can. You are equipped to handle everything better with rest.
  2. Warm Bath/Shower  Use nice products that make you feel good. I highly recommend Epsom salts as they relieve soreness and tension.
  3. Tea Time/Coffee Time I love iced, flavored teas and coffees. I brew over ice, sip, and read my Bible for a few minutes to reset my mind.
  4. Laugh  Watch something funny, take a walk down memory lane, watch a favorite show, spend time with friends or family. 
  5. Hobby Work   I love to read so I make sure I do that for at least a few minutes each day. 

How have you coped with a move? How do you relax? Leave a comment and let me know. Next time we’ll discuss your energy and how to keep it up during your move.

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